Sharing the Power of Seyoga with Everyone
When we do Asanas (poses), we wish to link the movements with our
breaths. This will create a moving meditation, which is the way Seyoga is
designed to be practiced. It is a moving meditation because as you move
with your breath you transcend the thinking mind and its often-stressful
thoughts, and reach a sense of peace.

To begin, create a relaxing atmosphere, switch your cell phone and TV
off, dim the lights, light a candle, burn some incense if you wish!

Each Asana may be held for 1 to 9 breaths, then slowly and smoothly
move on to the next pose. Feel free to cycle through the Serenity Flow
more than once and feel the joy.

If you have any health issues to consider when performing any
physical activity, speak to your physician about practicing Seyoga.
The Obstacle is the Path - Zen Proverb
Feel the Joy
Easy to follow Seyoga poses
Find your favorate poses and feel the joy
A sense of gratitude

Seyoga  teaches us gratitude as the
foundation for handling stress that comes
from daily life.
Proper breathing instruction

Learn exercises that can enhance your
physical and emotional well-being .
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